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Singles International is a Chapter of the Family  Motor Coach Association (FMCA) and is part of the International Area. We  welcome all single people who are members of FMCA. We are a social  organization and host a number of rallies each year at various locations around  North America. We also often have rolling rallies or caravans that move to  different locations every day or two. There is almost always an SI pre-rally  before FMCA conventions and area rallies. The SI’s usually park together at FMCA  events, and we can be identified by our

 yellow vests and the large yellow SI flags flying over many of our rigs.  We host a happy hour at four PM almost everyday in our camping area, and anyone interested in the organization is very welcome to join us. We always have a good and sometimes boisterous time at our gatherings.

We are not a “dating club” but many of our members have found new companions at our events.  The membership in Singles International is over 300 people who live all over North America, often full timing in their coaches. Our membership is just about half men and half women

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